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Sewing and Tailoring Class with teacher, Madame Karoline Noncent

Sewing and Tailoring Class with teacher, Madame Karoline Noncent

Trinity Lutheran

August 18, 2014

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Last of our Trinity SUMMER FAITH SERIES: Tuesday August 19, 2014

LEARNING IN HAITI, STORIES FROM HAITI: Kathi Johnson, Ruth Anne Olson and Pastor Kris joined friends from St. James Episcopal in Minneapolis to visit our partners in ministry at Bonne Nouelle (Good News) Episcopal Church in the village of Bigonet, Haiti. David Hahn from Trinity visited there 2 years ago, bringing art education supplies for the teachers and students.

Our main goal in March this year was to live with people as guests, and learn from them about living in a different culture with different possibilities. Cooking around small charcoal fires, joining in Sunday worship, meetings craftspeople, farmers, and women who sell goods in the marketplace to make daily life possible, we learned about ourselves and their lives. We also learned about the history of Haiti, and the hopes the people have for the future.

Join us...the stories are fun, and sad; the learning was large, and worth keeping ourselves mindful of---we'll share photos of the first ever in the village Vocational Education Program initiated by the Church and School (Sewing and Tailoring) and see how the students surprised us with gifts.

Coffee, conversation, treats!



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